Day 2: Crouching Diet, Hidden Trainers Fitness Plan

Weight: 72.2 kg (158.84 pounds)

Waist line: 36 inch, Tummy: 40 inch


Breakfast: Rolled oat(199 cals), soya milk powder(90 cals), Water with Apple Cider Vinegar (7 cals), Water (0 cals)

Lunch: Chicken Carrots Patties with Brown Rice (250 cals)

Dinner: Chinese Vegetable (19 cals), Brown Rice (153 cals), Chicken Fillet (110 cals), Enoki Mushrooms (10 cals)

Snacks: seaweed (50 cals), tomato crackers (300 cals), thousand crackers (300 cals)

Total Consumed Calories: 1,488 calories

Exercise Routine:

Christine’s full body stretch (58 cals)
Aerobic High Impact 5 min (30 cals)

Total Burnt calories: 88 cals



Christine, 82 Flavors


Day 2


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