Day 2: Crouching Diet, Hidden Trainers

If I want to master the arts of Crouching Diet and Hidden Trainers, I must go to the Temple of the Unknown, where I will seek my master who can guide me through my journey.

I decided to take the 3 day trail walk through the dense forest. As always, he somehow knew I was coming and was sitting under a beautiful blossom tree stroking his long white beard. The first thing I did was bow to him and said master I have failed you. He laughs…… than chanted

” You will only gain if you eat more than your body requires, you will only lose weight if burn more than your body needs ”

He never said a word after that.

To be continue

Real Life Story, Well, Sort Of

Basically the master was my personal training instructor, he has been teaching personal training in Hong Kong for years. He’s actually represented Hong Kong in a couple of body building competition. He basically said, ” Christine, have a good look at the food and calories you been consuming and start moving your butt. No, your dog doing yoga, isn’t the same as you working out!.” Lol

My calculation

So I did my calculation to find out all about my calories requirements to lose, maintain and gain weight. Here’s the calculator I used.


– 1624 calories a day, to lose weight, this will maintain my muscles (muscles help me burn fat) and you get to eat real food
– 2050 calories a day to maintain my weight of 72.2kg
– 2233 calories a day to gain extra weight

How do I lose weight?

EATING RIGHT is an important factor to weight loss. My body needs fuel to help me lose weight, if I don’t eat I might lose weight rapidly but also muscles mass, slow down my metabolism so badly that my body will start going to survival mode and absorb every drop of calories and fat in my body to it survivals. Once I start eating normally, I’ll regain all my weight that I’ve lost and since I’ve already messed up my metabolism and stressed out my body. It will takes twice as long to lose even a pound. Sound familiar? It’s call the YOYO effect!

USE YOUR BODY OR LOSE YOUR BODY, if I want to lose weight and also enjoy my favourite double scope chocolate ice cream fudge sundae (700 cals), my favourite pizza (500 cals) and my favourite salmon salad with blue cheese (500 cals) than I will need to burn off the extra calories I ate by exercising.

My fuel

CARBS: 122.90 each day
PROTEIN: 149 each day
FAT: 59.50 each day
FIBER: 30-37 each day

Getting Started

I am not going to jump into this 1624 calories diet right away, I’ve been doing it for two days and I feel like I have an hangover. My plan is to calculate my usual calories intake by using my Calories Count App. I will then decrease it by 5-10 percent every two days so my body has time to adapts. I don’t wanna over shock my body and go back binging on carbs galore!

Will let you know the results after a day or two.

Have a Happy Workout Day Everyone

~ Christine, 82 Flavors ~

Artwork from this site


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