Day 5: Counting Calories is Fun! Really! I mean it!


Banana 110 grams – Medium (98 calories)
Vanilla Flax Milk – 117 grams (29 calories)
Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal – 31 grams (110 calories)
Peach – 260 grams (106 calories)
Greek Yogurt Pomegranate – 150 grams (110 calories)

Carb: 93.7g Fat: 2.7g Protein: 20.8g Total Calories: 453cals

Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup – 320 grams (203 calories)
Greek Frozen Yogurt – 1 serving (71 g) – Strawberry (100 calories)
Pita Bread .84 pita (50 calories)
Squash, Winter, Butternut 320 grams (128 calories)

Carb: 100.4g Fat: 10.6g Protein: 30g Calories: 515cals


Grillers Vegan Burgers – 71 grams (100 calories)
Buckwheat Groats, Roasted, Cooked – 37 grams (34 calories)
New Zealand Sweet Apple Rings – 20 grams (55 calories)
Heart Friendly Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Pita Bread – 17 grams (26 calories)
Salami, Dry Or Hard, Pork, Beef – 11 grams (42 calories)

Carb: 42.2g Fat: 6.7g Protein: 20.7g Calories: 256 calories

Exercise Routine:

Christine’s workout 15min (150 cals)
Stretching 5 min (20 cals)

Total Burnt calories: 170 cals


Day 4: Literally Going Nuts Plan


Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Bar 17 grams (60 calories)
Honey Nut 37 grams (131 calories)
1% Lowfat Milk 120 grams (50 calories)
Almond Milk 24 grams (9 calories)

Carb: 44.1g Fat: 5.5g Protein: 9.2g Total: 250 Calories


Greek Yogurt 1 container (150 g) – Blueberry (130 calories)
Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Bar 51 grams (180 calories)
Chocolate Almond and Chewy Granola Bar35 grams (140 calories)

Carb:132.5g Fat:16.9g Protein:34.7g Total Calories: 567


Popcorn Shrimp 70 grams (184 calories)
Corn 93 grams – Frozen, Whole Kernel, Golden (70 calories)
Supremely Spicy Hummus 21 grams (53 calories)

Carb: 50.5g Fat:6.1g Protein:13g Total Cal: 401

Exercise Routine:

Christine’s interval training 15min (150 cals)
Stretching 5 min (20 cals)

Total Burnt calories: 170cals

Christine, 82 Flavors

image from Times of Malta

Orange-Flax Marinated Salmon with Chinese Vegetable and Brown Rice Recipes (300 Calories)

I love eating salmon, it’s super easy and quick to make and pack with tons of Omega 3 Oils, vitamin and minerals. Salmon is considered a brain food due to its component of Omega 3 oils and nutrient. When consumed, salmon can benefits the heart, joints and brain. According to scientific research, eating salmon will even make you happier too! At an estimated of 250 calories per 100 grams and 25 grams of protein, this fish definitely should be in your diet for those who are planning to lose weight.

A great thing about salmon is it’s versatility , you can poach them, bake them and eat them raw.

So here’s my recipe for this week, Orange-flax Marinated Salmon with Chinese vegetable and brown rice. This dish is really simple and delicious, salmon is marinated in orange juice and top with a flax seed herb mix, serve with Chinese vegetables and brown rice. This dish takes about 20 minutes to make and at 300 calories, it’s a both win for your fitness diet and tummy! I hope you enjoy it!

** I will be hosting a live Instagram cooking stream every Friday, where I will be posting live pictures of my very own recipes for healthy eating and dieting.** I will be available to chat with you live.

Christine, 82 Flavors



Day 3: A Scales of Immense Proportions Fitness Plan

Weight: 72.0kg (158 pounds)

Waist line: 36 inch, Tummy: 40 inch


Breakfast: Scramble Eggs (199 cals), whole wheat bun (90 cals), Water with Apple Cider Vinegar (7 cals) and Hot lemon Tea (51 cals)

Lunch: Chinese Vegetable (19 cals), Brown Rice (153 cals), Chicken Fillet (110 cals), Carrots (17 cals)

Dinner: Chinese Vegetable (19 cals), Brown Rice (153 cals), Chicken Fillet (110 cals), Enoki Mushrooms (10 cals)

Snacks: 3 Kiwi (150 cals), ground flax seed (100 cals), seaweed (50 cals), tomato crackers (300 cals), salty crackers (300 cals)

Total Consumed Calories: 1,838 calories

Exercise Routine:

Christine’s interval training 10 min (80 cals)
Stretching 5 min (20 cals)

Total Burnt calories: 100 cals

Christine, 82 Flavors

Image from Comedy Cards